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Welcome to the wiki.

This page is for collecting information for a nascent effort to investigate freedom for network services, originally kickstarted at a mini-summit hosted by the FSF on March 16, 2008.

The summit itself was announced with the following text:

The last decade has witnessed a rise in the role of computing as a service, a massive increase in the use of web applications, the migration of personal computing tasks to data-centers, and the creation of new classes of service-based applications. These shifts have raised a host of important questions for the advocates of free software. For example, by separating use and distribution of software, these models have reduced the relevance of GPL-style copyleft which treat modified web applications as if they were private software. Much more importantly, the movement of software off of personal computers has reconfigured power relationships between users and their software and complicated questions of ownership and control in ways that free software advocates do not yet know how to address.
This last year, the FSF launched a new license, the AGPLv3, that re-addresses copyleft in the context of network-services. While it marks an important first step, the access to source code alone provided by the AGPLv3 might not necessarily make the users of web-services free. Work and thinking about these problems is far from over.
On March 16th, the FSF will gather together a small group of free software activists, thinkers, and scholars to identify the important questions that web services raise for free software and to start to probe the answers. What does freedom mean for the users and developers of web services? What is at risk? What should the free software community, and the Free Software Foundation, do to ensure that software, and its users, stay free in this new technological environment?


  • Wish list of services along with existing work.
  • AGPL list: software and services licensed under the AGPL.
  • Social bookmarking - List of free software social bookmarking applications
  • Logo - Discussion of alternative logos for (we have a new one we're using on the website that a lot of us are very happy with)

Reading list[edit]

Please review the items in the list and add anything important to this list. It is currently presented in no particular order. Most of these pages contain links to other sources. Please take time to review these links where you think they are helpful.

Other work worth looking at:


The first mini-summit was held on March 16, 2008 at the FSF office. Data on that meeting is available from the following places:

Report Notes and Brainstorming[edit]

One major goal is to produce a report that covers the following areas. Please don't hesitate to add or edit any of the following report. Let's collect, read, think through, and add as much information before the meeting.

  1. Description of the problems caused by network services
  2. Reference services - services which might or might not be considered 'open'
  3. Current approaches to addressing or mitigating problems
    1. Licensing approaches to network services
    2. Model TOS approaches to network services
    3. Model privacy policy approaches to network services
    4. Definitions to highlight free services
    5. Ideas and concepts left out of Free Software and/or Open Content definitions
  4. Our recommendations to the FSF and to other concerned communities