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This is a list of useful software services that would be well-served with Open Service implementations. Some may also be candidates free software P2P implementation.

Internet portal[edit]

  • Web Search (Google, Yahoo, Ask, Live)
    • AboutUs.org is creating a guide to websites
    • YaCy is a P2P search engine written in Java (under GPLv2+). Kind of usable already.
    • Seeks is a P2P social websearch proxy (meta-search), letting its users vote on the results.
  • Homepage (iGoogle, Pageflakes, Netvibes)
  • Maps (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps.)
    • OpenStreetMap looks good, but needs more data about businesses, routing
      • switch2osm.org explains how to make the switch to OpenStreetMap – from first principles to technical how-tos.
    • OpenRouteService is a good start, but needs improvement
  • Web developers, designers portal (w3schools)
    • autonomo.us


  • Analytics
    • Metabase - Create dashboards, run reports and send nightly emails based on data from databases without needing to know SQL
  • Mailing list / forum / newsgroup / archive / search (Yahoo/Google (YaGoo?) Groups, nabble.com, MarkMail (for searching))
    • Mailman
    • Gmane handles some aspects, but not posting from the web
  • Project Management (Basecamp)
  • Document sharing (Scribd, Slideshare)
  • Web page design (Google page creator)
  • Banking and financial (Wesabe)
  • File sharing / synchronization (DropBox, drop.io, Ubuntu One)
    • iFolder?
    • OwnCloud (syncs calendar, files, contacts... and the server can be installed locally. Supposedly AGPLv3, but needs to be second-checked)
    • SparkleShare
    • Tahoe LAFS?
    • ZendTo (simple file transfert solution, no syncronization)
    • a free software equivalent of wuala (peer to peer storage) would be ideal.


  • Forums (we need to find where free software forums fail to meet the needs of the users, see ubuntuforums.org)
    • phpBB,
  • Review, Feedback, Polls (pollmonkey.com, Google Forms)
  • Email list (Google Groups, Yahoo Groups)
  • Social bookmarks (del.icio.us and friends)
  • Social news (digg.com, reddit.com, mixx.com)
    • Reddit software is Free, could be the beginning of a quick win
    • Menéame.net
    • Pligg awfully needs better antispam filters
    • Drigg
    • Mixx.com is proprietary, but their content is Public Domain, we could/should make a plugin to import content from them
  • Event calendaring (Upcoming, Eventful)
  • Social networking (Facebook, MySpace)
    • Movim - AGPLv3 - Movim aim to be an XMPP client written in PHP with lot of social networking features. A social network using XMPP place the interoperability on it center, and make sure that it could be easy to speak between pc and smartphones because XMPP connexion is PHP side.
    • Dolphin - Creative Commons Public License
    • PHPizabi - Non-free EULA forbids redistribution
    • Elgg - GPLv2
    • Mugshot
    • AroundMe - GPLv3
    • DiSo
    • Lovd By Less - uses Ruby on Rails, MIT license
    • Cloud27.com - uses Django, - MIT License
    • crabgrass from riseup.net - AGPL - Crabgrass is a software libre web application designed for social networking, group collaboration and network organizing. Our goal is to create communication tools that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of bottom up grassroots organizing. By social networking, we mean the ability of users to get to know one another through their online contributions and presence. By group collaboration, we mean the ability of small groups to get things done, such as share files, track tasks and projects, make decisions and build repositories of shared knowledge. By network organizing, we mean the ability of multiple groups to work together on projects in a democratic manner.
    • Friendica Project - decentralized social network -uses php/mysql - profile/wall/status, public and private forums and community pages, encrypted private messages, calendars, photo galleries, connectivity with other networks (including StatusNet, Diaspora, Twitter, etc) - works on low-cost shared and vps hosts - Open Source/Libre
    • Buddypress
  • Photos (Flickr)
  • 3D model library (Google SketchUp 3D Warehouse, Google O3D API)
    • Mozilla Canvas 3D,
    • web KML viewer
  • Video (youtube, vimeo)
  • Audio (soundcloud, myspace)
  • Virtual environment (SecondLife, Lively)
  • Social music attention (last.fm, ulike.net)
  • Social film attention (netflix, criticker.com)
  • Invitations (Evite)
  • Tasks (Remember the Milk, Astrid)
  • Feed aggregator (Bloglines, Google Reader)
  • Social aggregator (FriendFeed)
  • Books (LibraryThing, Shelfari, Goodreads)
    • O'reilly Bookworm supports ePub ebook format and is under BSD license. As ePub is DRM encumbered, perhaps it can be modified to support the docbook format?
  • Code metadata (Ohloh)
    • CIA A real-time window software development, GPL licensed
  • IRC (Mibbit)
  • Avatar Image Hosting (Gravatar)
  • Url shortener

Creation, publication, and distribution[edit]



  • Storage (Amazon S3, imageshack.us, box.net. Variety of models)
    • AllMyData's Project Tahoe might fit the bill here)
    • Jesse Vincent's Prophet
    • Cluenet.org is an organization of UNIX servers across the Internet that are combined to provide free services to users; Users are required to show respect to others and spread knowledge
  • Virtual machine provisioning (Amazon EC2)
  • Virtual web hosting (Google AppEngine)
  • Community Cloud showstoppers (opt-in grid hosting based on the principles of http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/)
    • Phantom Anonymity protocol being a known hoster makes one an easy target for attackers (spammers, crackers); anonymity counters that!
    • Filtering spam & malware out of the hosting cloud is harder than on the blog comments, wikis; noone wants to be part of a network that spreads spam and malware
  • Encryption
  • Domain Names

Project Hosting[edit]

  • Trac-based options including cluemapper, oforge, agilo, kforge. None of these have real built-in FNS features on either a technical or license level, but some FNS features can be tacked on with sys admin work outside the projects themselves.
  • FNS Project Hosting - FNS Software Research - Research into options with built-in FNS features.
  • Launchpad.net is licensed under AGPLv3.0
  • code.autonomo.us - Host your project without depending on the cloud!
    • Gitorious aims to provide a great way of doing distributed opensource code collaboration
  • Software statistics (ohloh.net)
    • CIA A real-time window software development, GPL licensed
  • CPAN for web development
    • JavaScript Archive Network is a comprehensive resource for JavaScript libraries and software (Dead for 1.67 years)
    • maybe we can add a html/CSS template sharing feature to that JSAN...
  • For non-software projects (community organizing) Open Planning Project has [3] [4]
  • Virtual Hosting For Free Software VHFFS is used by http://tuxfamily.org to host free software and libre-related websites like Art Libre promoters or LUG
  • several other libre forge are listed at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forge_(software) and other software hosting is compared (not always based on free software)
  • Fossil is a distributed version control system (similar to git, hg, etc.) with a built-in web interface including wiki, tickets, and history all in a single small binary. Can be run as a CGI program even on many shared hosts. BSD license. Built by the author of SQLite.

Knowledge Bases[edit]

  • Text-based
  • Structured Tables (Freebase.com)
  • Location related (wikimapia.org, wikicrimes.org)
  • Q&A (Stack Overflow)

Already covered areas[edit]

  • Identity / credentials


Suites of applications for complete self-hosting of most of your information